Families who choose cremation often have many questions about their options. If a family chooses cremation as the final disposition, various service and memorial options are available.

Some families choose to have a more traditional service with the body present, followed by cremation. Often times, families choose this option as a way to provide closure to loved ones and guests. Rather than proceeding to a cemetery for a graveside service or burial, cremation would then take place. Families may choose to have a gathering or luncheon following the funeral instead of a graveside service. This option is also often chosen by families who wish to have a small, more intimate gathering with the body present, followed by cremation. Both of these gatherings would be held in the recent days following a death.

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Other families choose to have a service or gathering following the cremation. This is often called a memorial service. Memorial services can be held at any time after the death, making this a convenient choice for families who need time for travel or must delay a service for other personal reasons. Memorial services can be more traditional, held in the funeral chapel or at a church, or at other locations which reflect the life of your loved one. 

And yet sometimes families choose cremation with no gathering or service.

Following cremation, you will receive your loved ones remains in an urn of your choosing. Urns come in a variety of styles and materials and can be personalized to reflect the life of your loved one.

Some families choose to place an urn in a columbarium or cremation memorial at a cemetery so that they have a permanent place to memorialize their loved one. Others choose to display an urn at home. Still others choose to scatter the remains in a meaningful location.

Custom keepsake jewelry is also available in a variety of high-quality metals.  These keepsakes may incorporate a fingerprint, portrait or handwriting to create the perfect memory piece.  Each piece of jewelry can hold a piece of the cremated remains, hair or soil from the gravesite.

Your funeral director will explain all your options to you and help you make a choice that best honors the wishes of your loved and reflects a life well lived.

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